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Run for the Troops 5K is a non-profit 501(c) (3) charitable organization dedicated to assisting our military heroes.

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how it started

Honoring Heroes,
Supporting Veterans

Bill Pennington founded Run For The Troops to honor his parents and all those who serve our country. His mother served in the Marines and his father served in the Navy for 30 years. His desire to continue to honor and support veterans is fueled by the knowledge of the sacrifices his family, as well as all other veterans, have made.

“The 5k and the dinner are about giving people an opportunity to give thanks to the people who keep us safe,” he said. “I know so many people here who have made sacrifices. … And it’s not only those who fight, but those who hold down the fort at home too.”

“It’s priceless, to have our veterans here and to honor them,” said race director and founder Bill Pennington of Andover on the value of what has become an annual town tradition. “There is nothing special about this day — it’s all about the cause. There are lots of other 5Ks, but none of them are beating this … without this (cause), none of those other ones are possible.”

“You have to also remember the families, because they also serve indirectly. When their significant others and parents are away serving, they run the house,” said Pennington, himself the son of two veterans. “In some ways, they serve too.”

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